Edward Feigeles | Partner

Edward brings decades of investing and operating experience as former Head of Global Private Wealth Divisions at both Lehman Brothers and Morgan Stanley and as Founder of hedge fund BDI Capital.  Edward is now General Partner at Centurion Trading Partners and leads the early stage investing division, Centurion Venture Partners.

Joseph Gamberale | Partner

Founding General Partner at Centurion Trading Partners and former VP of Private Client Group at Merrill Lynch with over 14 years experience in portfolio management and financial advisory services to high net worth investors.  As seed and angel investor, Joe has numerous successful exits over the last 11 years and focuses as keenly (if not more) on the Founder as the Idea.

Glenn Nano | Principal

Technology Investor and Analyst from 2000-2009 at hedge fund Nebo Investment Management and the proprietary trading unit of Bernard L. Madoff, Glenn has focused on engineering innovation and management leadership and execution at all stages of growth.  He founded digital media community Code Meet Print and design products startup Dictator Goods.  Glenn leads all due diligence and overall portfolio investments for CVP.