The Hotlist is a social discovery engine that enables you to view where your Facebook friends and crowds have been in the past, are checked-in right now, and plan to go in the future. True Social Discovery and Utility around "Where to Be, Soon": Users see inside venues and events to check out crowd details (friends and friends-to-be), relevant interest data, real-time tweets, and stats before making decisions about their money and more importantly, their time.
"Centurion Venture Partners is a constructive investment group that offers more than just funds.  CVP proactively offers us their strategic input and access to valuable connections, but gives us the space and freedom that we as a startup company need in this early stage."  -- Chris Mirabile, Co-Founder and CEO

Altruik engineers and implements automated Search Engine Optimization (SEO) solutions that easily integrate with all Content Management Systems (CMS) and legacy systems and efficiently manages the search engine optimization process for E-Commerce sites and apps across huge verticals like Retail, Finance, Services, and Travel.  While many consultants do a decent job of identifying problem areas, Altruik's automated SEO solution not only analyzes but implements tangible optimizing changes that have helped customers like Home Depot and True Religion Jeans surface higher on natural online search.