Hotlist: Time + Space Social Decision-Making, or, Where are We Going Friday Night?
Tuesday, June 14, 2011 at 1:02PM

(I am always impressed with those Investors who A) Work closely with current and future portfolio companies on strategy, product, and bus-dev, B) Review dozens of startups a week and give useful feedback, C) Make frequent and valuable introductions across businesses, D) AND have time to Tweet, much less BLOG.  Much respect.  I have loads of trouble finding time for the last one, in particular..)

If you are like many people across major cities, college campuses, and even small towns, you have several Pain Points, among others:

These are Pain Points because 1) These questions take up a disproportionate amount of time to answer, and 2) The answers are often inaccurate, of dubious credibility, and unhelpful.

Social Discovery using Chrono-Location* Broadcasts like Check-Ins, Tweets, and Place Posts have largely been solved for Real-Time uses, or the Now.  The Near-Future Time, or, "Where are We Going Friday?" (for example), is a social problem that is universal, recurring, and ready to be addressed in a manner that delivers useful, actionable information and saves people countless hours of aimless web wandering.

We have recently invested in Hotlist to support Co-Founders Chris Mirabile and Gianni Martire's vision of providing valuable Social Decision-Making Utility across Place, Interests, and Social Gatherings for the time to come -- the Near-Future.  Hotlist enables Users to take a peek inside bars, parties, special events, concerts, restaurants and more to Discover crucial aspects of both the Crowd that will be attending and the Venue itself, in order to make the best, most relevant plans for being out and about.  

I won't get too technical on the data and parsing problems that the team is solving but suffice it to say they are not small (we are very glad Hal Stern is an Advisor).  Over 100 million Plans and RSVPs are indexed and relevantly surfaced to individuals by Hotlist everyday.  But Users only care about how easy it is to use and how much value they get from Hotlist in improving their Social Experiences and Plan-Making.  

Hotlist aims to build on its robust current platform to become the Social Discovery Engine that generates targeted, relevant, useful suggestions on where you might like to go and what to do next, and we believe the team's focus on delivering decision-making, time-saving, experience-enhancing Social Utility will keep the Hotlist community growing and very happy.


*The term "Geolocation" bothers me.. in general I believe people are mostly trying to reference space AND time.  

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