"The whole experience of communicating identity is up for redesign"
Thursday, February 10, 2011 at 5:05PM

The above is a RT @annekejong, via @jack, who spoke at Stanford on Feb 9th and is very much on our collective mind in recent time.  

The dynamics of communicating identity are shifting faster than Chris Lee held office.  And identity has come to = check-ins, clickstreams, retweets, followers (and followings), tags, and likes as much as it = hometowns, ethnicities, college degrees, job titles, and genealogies (if not more).

Communication of these data may be on the precipice of becoming not so much an opt-in process as much as an opt-out.  It may be leaning towards inbound discovery rather than outbound broadcast.  And while this may seem concerning at first blush, it just may be as useful and serendipitous as seeing someone at a bar in March wearing Tar Heel Blue, overhearing someone order Pad Thai without nuts, or hearing the familiar accent of your parents' province in Pangasinan.  

We like the idea of a "redesign".  These are processes that could use a little upgrade.  Many smart and enterprising folks are concentrating loads of IQ-hours on indexing, mapping, and delivering identities cross-referenced for chrono-location and with lots of attention on past and real-time.  We are just as excited about identities as they will take shape (= discovery, utility, and choices in the time to come), and may have some neat things to talk about in the not-so-distant time ahead..


GN | 10 Feb 11

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